Friday, May 25, 2007

trouvée: mr & mrs

This little gem is one of my snapshot finds from Annapolis last weekend. It is printed on postal card, and was probably taken circa 1900. I love the way the photograph is printed slightly off center ~ I have seen this before on postal cards and I finally realized that it was most likely done to allow the sender room for a message. I wonder what they would have written on this one?!

Am lusting after this book ~ Photobooth. Why are these anonymous, everyday photographs so intriguing?

Will try to get a post or two up over the long weekend. But if not ~ you'll know I am eating too much b-b-q and potato salad! Enjoy yours...!


cally said...

I've never seen postcards with that layout, very nice indeed.

Re. Lucy and the flowers, she shook them off 1 minute later, but hey, 1 minute was all I needed.

cgb said...

They would have said "having a wonderful time, wish you were here"