Monday, May 7, 2007

spring cleaning

So, I did a little spring cleaning this weekend ~ prompted in part by an invitation to participate in a friend's tag sale. It feels good to purge, and dust, and wash, and scrub. Of course I stirred up enough dust to set my allergies on fire, but the upside is that I feel so good knowing I have clean, freshly laundered, starched and ironed linens, and that the thin layer of green pollen coating every surface has been wiped away and washed down the drain. The other perk was that I made almost enough money at the tag sale to buy myself a digital camera. With cash in hand I trotted right over to the store, picked out a camera, and plunked down the money (the poor guy behind the counter had to patiently wait as I counted it all out ~ including 37 $1 bills, and at least $5 in change ~ and then whipped out the plastic to cover the last little bit). I love it! No more borrowing the big old work camera ~ this one is about 1/2" thick and slips right into my purse. I snapped photos like crazy at the farmer's market and experimented with different settings for indoor and out. Ran into a slight technical glitch when I realized that the operating system on my laptop will not support the software. But, I have the "experts" working on it ~ and will hopefully have some photos to share tomorrow.

The above photo is from the online photo gallery at the wonderful British interiors magazine, Living, Etc. (love! love! love!). I also love that you can go online to take a seak peek at the current issue, as it takes forever for the magazine to turn up on newstands on this side of the Atlantic!

(image: Living, Etc., November 2006)

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