Monday, May 14, 2007


There is nothing quite like the blue of a cornflower ~ so called for their propensity to sprout up in corn and wheat fields. They are also sometimes called "bachelor's buttons" because they traditionally were tucked into a young man's lapel to indicate he was in love. Do you remember the wonderful scene from A Room With a View when George and Mr. Beebe break into the Miss Allens' room and adorn it with cornflowers? No symbolism there! Anyway, it's a fabulously old-fashioned flower ~ sadly, not as common as it used to be due to the use of herbicides in crop fields. These gorgeous blues are from yesterday's farmer's market.

I had a lovely weekend, working on projects I never seem to finish (I am very good at starting them!). Below is a sneak peek at a piece of old furniture I am redoing ~ had to scrape off all the peeling paint before I could repaint it. I sort of like the way the wood looks however...

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