Friday, June 29, 2007

trouvée: veiled

I couldn't quite let go of the middle-eastern theme! Today's found photo ~ an Egyptian woman. I haven't yet been able to identify the photograher, but I have seen variant photographs of this same woman so I know the answer is out there. Her eyes are incredibly striking ~ oh, and I adore her jewelry. I found the photograph on eBay by typying "veil" into the subject line. Sometimes I like to do that ~ just type random words in under the photographs section. I have found the most wonderful things that way!

Anyway, I am slowly adjusting back to normal life ~ getting caught up on sleep, bills, emails, magazines, watering plants, reading other blogs... Traveling is fantastic, but I admit that coming home is wonderful too! Happy weekend all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

they have the darkest eyes, and everything about Egypt has always been dark and unclear.
I kept reading your blog after post but i had to scroll back up to see the photograph once again.
You might find your answers here.