Thursday, May 8, 2008

the dandelion

I know most people hate dandelions (that humble flower, much maligned), but I have always loved them ~ from the time I was little and used to pick fistfuls of them to proudly present to my mother (who would always dutifully arrange the bouquet in a small vase on the windowsill). I also love them in the seed (or "clock") stage ~ so delicate and fleeting, but full of wishes.

(image: Anna Atkins, Dandelion, cyanotype, c. 1854, from British and Foreign Flowering Plants and Ferns, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, PH.382-1981)


Anonymous said...

I loved those little bouquets more than any garden of cultivated flowers! Miniature arrangements still adorn our cottage kitchen window from time to time...when you are there. xo Mom

Prêt à Voyager said...

thanks for this post! a good reminder for me to take my sunprint paper (the stuff we used as kids) on my trip with me. I love that blue on blue look.



p.s. thanks for all your kind comments on Pret. Life has been outta control- literally, but back on track now.

John R. said...

I like dandelions too -- and enjoy seeing my daughter make a wish w/ them!

Bon weekend,


Sabina said...

They are edible too!! They have been much maligned as a garden weed but they are a beautiful to me and bring back many childhood memories as well.

Happy Friday!!

Inkslinger said...

I love dandelions too. So bright and friendly. Can't figure out what others have against them.