Friday, May 30, 2008

trouvée: the hay stack

I recently found this photograph on eBay. It isn't inscribed or dated, but I loved the freshness of it...and it seems a perfect way to end a week of outside-ness.

Another streak of lackluster posts...I apologize. I am pouring all my energy into the new apartment ~ granite or Corian? solid wood or veneer? I *love* it! But, ahhhh, the poor blog suffers. Anyway, here's what I have been looking at this week:

* A Series of Disappointments by Stephen Gill
* Floriane de Lassée's Night Views
* and Scattered Sea (via ah-yi)

Happy weekend all...I will be in line for SATC (actually, I already bought tickets online)! You?


Pigtown-Design said...

granite kitchens are going to be done in six months. do something classic like stainless steel counters.

Sabina said...

I guess everyone will be on line for that movie this weekend!!

P.S. Love the photo!!