Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thankful 404

The other day I was walking by a large, rather non-descript parking lot, and noticed the soft crunch of pine needles under my feet. Not so unusual really, but living in the city one rarely encounters this phenomenon. Looking down I noticed the most gorgeous pinecones scattered about ~ dusted with white sap and smelling perfectly like pine. I gathered up an armful and headed home. What people thought of this woman walking down the street with an armful of pinecones, I have no idea. (Probably the same thing they think when they see me "pruning" the holly bushes by the bus stop outside of my apartment building.) I still have sap on my jacket, but the smell puts me in mind of where I am going for the holidays.

I am signing off for the week, wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving, and thanking you for all your support and inspiration this year. Eat well, be well, and travel safely. xo.

P.S. I just passed my 400th post (this is no. 404) and I didn't even notice!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 404 posts! I have loved every one of them! cgb

kate said...

what a beautiful blog you have!!
love the photos..we seem to have very similiar take in books. i read all the same books you do.
thanks again
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Inkslinger said...

Congratulations on passing 400 posts!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.