Friday, August 31, 2007

trouvée: road trip

A complete mystery photograph! Uninscribed, undated. I love the almost sinister shadow lurking in the lower right. But the lady at the wheel looks happy and ready for a road trip.

I unfortunately can't get away for a long weekend, but I am desperate to get out of the city so am taking a mini trip down to Fredericksburg, Virginia, on Saturday for antiques, food, and fun! All of you on the roads this Labor Day, drive safely and be well. Cheers!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

light impressions

There are so many wonderful photography shows opening this summer and fall. I really wish I could make it to London to see "Curtis Moffat: Experimental Photogtaphy and Design, 1923-1935" at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I am so intrigued by Moffat's photograms. For more, see here.

(top: Photograph of a Dragonfly, c. 1930; and bottom: Multi-Layered Bands, Circle, and Rectabgle Composition, c. 1930, both Victoria and Albert Museum)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

dahlias 101

Some days you just wake up in a good mood ~ and today is one of those days. I watched the sun rise (it's getting later and later), had a nice swim, put together a good outfit, and had my Starbucks made just right. I have to remind myself sometimes that these little things count for a lot! I thought I would send a little of my good mood your way, so this glorious pot of dahlias is for all of you!

And Isabelle ~ I am sending you lots of love and will be thinking of you tomorrow. Be well my dear.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

so sweet

I thought I would infuse a little color into your life today ~ gorgeous nectarines and peaches (from Virginia). There is a fabulous recipe in the September issue of Domino, which looks so simple and delicious:

six ripe nectarines (or peaches)
plain yogurt
lavender blossoms

Slice nectarines, and divide into six bowls. Top with a generous dollop of yogurt, and drizzle with honey. Sprinkle with lavender blossoms. (Serves 6).

Monday, August 27, 2007

in the shade

Well, summer came back in full force this weekend. The bank clock in Dupont Circle read 104˚ on Saturday afternoon! That sent me in search of shade ~ and I found these lovely photographs by Mayumi Terada at the Robert Miller Gallery. I also took tons of photographs at the farmers' market, but forgot to download them to my flash drive. So, stay tuned for more of summer's bounty (things bursting forth in technicolor)... For now, try to stay cool and enjoy your Monday.

(image: Mayumi Terada, view of bridge and bed 060701, gelatin silver print, 2006, courtesy Robert Miller Gallery)

Friday, August 24, 2007

trouvée: seascape

I found this photograph in Annapolis several months ago. It is printed on postal card, but is not inscribed. A mystery seascape. To me, it looks a little bit like the rocky coast of Maine ~ but then, maybe that's just wishful thinking!

Have a wonderful weekend ~ and may you find your own little sea breeze.

biographical landscapes

These photographs by Stephen Shore really caught my eye. They are currently on view at the International Center of Photography, New York, in an exhibition entitled "Biographical Landscape: The Photography of Stephen Shore, 1969-1979," through September 9.

(top: West Ninth Avenue, Amarillo, Texas, October 2, 1974; and bottom: Fifth Street and Broadway, Eureka, California, September 2, 1974; both copyright Stephen Shore, courtesy Aperture Foundation)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

grey day

The other day I was walking in Georgetown and I found the first red leaf. I thought, NO, that must be a fluke. But, it has been so grey and chilly here, I can really believe Fall is coming. Then I checked out Orla Kiely's fabulous Autumn07 collection ~ and I actually got excited for it. But, I still wouldn't mind a few more days of summer...

(image via

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

viennese delights

There is a wonderful little show at The Textile Museum, "Textiles of Klimt's Vienna," featuring over 50 fabrics designed by Viennese artists and designers, such as Josef Hoffmann, Dagobert Peche, and Maria Likarz-Strauss. It is open through 6 January 2008, so if you are in Washington, don't miss it. I love the freshness of all of these patterns!

(top: Falte by Dagobert Peche for Wiener Werkstätte, 1923; middle: Gräser by Maria Likarz-Strauss for Wiener Werkstätte, 1922; and bottom: Freude by Dagobert Peche for Wiener Werkstätte, 1911-1919; all Textile Traces: The Lloyd Cotsen Collection, courtesy of The Textile Museum)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

soft summer things

I came across a copy of Weekend magazine from last August. I must have held onto it because of the lovely spread above. And speaking of soft summer things, when is Zara Home going to open a store in the States? Their online catalogue is fantastic!

Monday, August 20, 2007

glorious summer

I love this part of the summer ~ when the season's bounty overwhelms us. Yesterdays' farmer's market was gloriously full of green beans, new potatoes, eggplant, big juicy peaches, fresh basil, bright dahlias, and my all-time favorite ~ vine-ripe tomatoes. You know the ones, so good they need nothing but a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and fresh-ground pepper. A meal in themselves.

Friday, August 17, 2007

trouvée: the lake

Inscribed: "Lake Front, Lincoln Park." No date (but probably 1920s/1930s). I love the abstract angles in this photograph.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ~ and some time by the water.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

night sky: perseids

The 2007 Perseid meteor shower peaked on August 12 and 13. Unfortunately, there is too much light pollution in Washington to see anything at all. But, poking around online I found this amazing photograph by Tony Wilder of the skies over Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (taken at 4:30am CST on August 13). For more images of this year's shower see here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a little more summer

Cool breezes...mmmm. Photographs by Morgan (age 7).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

summer feet

One of the best things about summer is having bare feet ~ I love the feel of cool grass under foot, sand between my toes, and the cold water of the ocean. Sorry I haven't had too much inspiration to share lately ~ summer does that to you. I guess I'd just rather be outside. So, go take your shoes off and enjoy it...

Monday, August 13, 2007

trouvée: camp whileaway

"Greetings from Camp Whileaway! This is a corner of the big livingroom. We are having comfortable weather, about 50 degrees now. Often see deer. ~ A.M." [postmarked 5 September 1913, Kineo, Maine]

I haven't posted a found photo in a while (I guess I have been a little busy!), and I meant to put this up on Friday, but never got to it. This cyanotype (on a postal card) reminds me of the interior of our summer cottage. I struck by how little things change ~ odd bits of antique furniture, piles of books, and projects set out on the table. Oh, how I wish I had some more time to while away in Maine.

Friday, August 10, 2007

fairy tales

My niece Morgan (age 7) sees the world in a very different kind of way. I particularly loved the photograph of the Queen Anne's Lace with the fly, and the "twirl" picture ~ studies in stillness and in motion. I should let those girls loose with a camera more often...

chasing butterflies

My niece Emma (age 8) took this fantastic image ~ she has such an inquisitive, scientific mind, and I really love this study. Every year the Monarch butterflies come through Maine on their migration back to their winter homes in California and Mexico. We all love to see these gorgeous creatures skipping along the coast and resting their wings on seaside flowers.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

the way life should be

I am back from an all-too-brief trip to Maine. We had glorious weather for my parents' wedding anniversary party (40 years!) ~ what a joy to see four generations of family and friends all together for an afternoon! I set my two nieces (ages 7 and 8) loose with my digital camera and they brought back the most wonderful photographs ~ I'll try to post some of them here over the new few days.

My father picked up these blueberries one day and left them just like this on the stoop. Needless to say, once everyone else discovered them, they didn't last long.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

keeping an eye on things

Saw this in the July/August issue of New York Home, in a feature about Mix (a home-furnishings store in Hudson, New York) ~ and couldn't resist sharing. Love the burlap-upholstered setee as well.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

a last look

When in Venice, don't forget to look up ~ you never know what you might miss! A fabulous ceiling from the Museo Correr.

It has been so wonderful re-living my trip to Venice here in blog land. But, as with all good trips, it is time to move on ~ I am off to Maine late tonight to see my sweet family and celebrate my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. Cheers! See you next week...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

favorite things

Every morning in Venice I would throw open the shutters of my hotel room to this lovely view ~ a little slice of heaven in my Venetian neighborhood of Dorsoduro. And since no trip to Italy would be complete without good food, good wine, and a little retail therapy, here are a few of my favorite places and things:

* Venetia Studium (a gorgeous shop filled with Fortuny-style scarves, purses, and home goods).

* Il Prato (a tiny wood-paneled store specializing in hand-printed papers, boxes, and frames), San Marco 2546.

* Lineadombra (for the best meal and best view in Venice, perfectly located on the Zattare), Dorsoduro 19.

* La Piscina (for an excellent meal in the house where John Ruskin stayed on his last trip to Venice ~ now a lovely little pensione called La Calcina), Dorsoduro 780.

* Teamo Wine Bar (for a plate of cheese and salami and a great bottle of wine), San Marco 3795 (rio terà de la mandola).

Oh, and I meant to mention yesterday that I couldn't have lived without my Blue Guide to Venice (geared toward the inquisitive traveler), and the City Secrets guide to Florence, Venice & the Towns of Italy (a source for all sorts of wonderful off-the-beaten-path kind of places).