Friday, January 30, 2009

trouvée: e-z underwear

Found last year at the Round Top antiques fair. And as if the photograph itself isn't funny enough, it is inscribed: "Audrey Duke / 8-31-54 / A good picture of the cabinet + you / Don Swift / E-Z Mills." E-Z Mills was a popular producer of underwear for infants and boys from the 1920s through the 1950s. I learned far too much about children's undergarments in the course of researching this photograph, and will spare you the details. However, on the off chance you are interested, you may read more here.

Some photo links:

* Sandi Harber Fifield
* Laurie Frankel (via cher ami)
* and Birdhouses (to thank Michelle for sharing the Frankel link!)

Wishing you a lovely weekend. I hope you all find a little something to make you smile.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

on a budget

People say you can't get much for a dollar anymore. Well, apparently you can get these three flowers and a sweet potato. A banner day at the farmers' market. But, I am not complaining because there is nothing better than roasted sweet potatoes.

SO...yesterday the contractor put his finishing touches on the apartment. Yes people, he really is done! He swept up all the sawdust and paint chips and put my extra keys in an envelope on the kitchen counter (the brand new kitchen counter). And now the rest is left to me ~ priming, painting, organizing. And decorating. Yikes. I splurged on a gorgeous granite countertop and built-in bookcases, so everything else needs to be done on a serious budget. I sort of enjoy restrictions like that though, and I think I will take a page from David Mlinaric ~ keep it simple.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more white

...and it was followed by ice. The capital is encased in it. Not nearly so wonderful as yesterday's soft snow. Eerily beautiful in a way, but so treacherous! Speaking of snow, I think this is insanely gorgeous. And this.

Last night I stumbled upon the photographs of Mickey Smith. I really like them ~ they are just so smart. She also has a blog.

Stay warm. I am off in search of another cup of tea.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

winter white

And then the snow came. She said with a smile.

Monday, January 26, 2009

close to home 3

Just chasing shadows these days. The sun was out this weekend and warmed things just enough to make a sunday morning walk bearable. It was followed by lots of stitching and hot cocoa. Winter is really beginning to wear me down ~ it has been so cold, and we haven't had nearly enough snow to make it interesting!

Ah, well, here are a couple things to warm the soul:

* Leigh Beisch (click on personal)
* and Orla Kiely for Target (okay, I am a little behind on this one!)

Cheers and happy monday!

Friday, January 23, 2009

trouvée: claire and jack

My grandmother and uncle Jack. Found while going through some papers last night. I wish I was that stylish.

Today's photo links are an embarrassment of riches:

* American Photobooth
* The Americans
* some American cityscapes ~ Brad Moore (via This Joy + Ride)
* and inauguration fever in Washington

Do you sense a theme here? Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a few bits

My mother will be horrified by all the kale. But it really is one of the more photographic leafy greens. And let's face it, the choices are slim at this time of the year ~ it is that or Brussels sprouts. While many of my friends can brag about attending inaugural balls and celebrity sightings of Val Kilmer, Oprah, and our new president, I found myself avoiding the crowds and rummaging for carrots at the farmers market with José Andrés (alas no, I did no ask him what he was making for dinner). However, I can tell you that I made Molly's carrot and fennel soup. So tasty, and very, very easy to make.

A few odd bits:

* this site ~ Obsolete, inc.
* this painting (if only I could bid on it)
* and the simple beauty of these garden tools

I'll be back tomorrow with some more links. cheers!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

close to home 2

A cold walk. A grey day. And a wintery palette. I couldn't limit myself to just one image.

I hope you all had a good weekend. Washington is so quiet today ~ it is almost surreal. But, several empty bottles of wine and a sink full of dirty dishes reminds me that we had quite a party yesterday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

blue skies over washington

"We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness...." ~ Barack Obama, 20 January 2009

A glorious day in the nation's capital. With such a feeling of good in the air. Godspeed Mr. President.

UPDATE at 9:00 pm: KDM ~ you win the bet ~ Michelle Obama, in a white, off-the-shoulder gown. How did you know?

Friday, January 16, 2009

warm and bright

The perfect prescription for a cold winter day. See more here. Stay warm and have a good weekend!

an eye on washington 2

It is terribly distracting in Washington these days, so forgive me the delay in getting this to you. The second installment of the Washington neighborhood tour ~ Georgetown:

* Tudor Place Historic House and Garden ~ Designed by William Thornton, the first architect of the US Capitol, for Thomas Peter and his wife Martha Custis Peter (the granddaughter of Martha Washington). Set in the heart of Georgetown, the elegant neoclassical mansion was completed in 1816, and now houses many Washington family pieces once at Mount Vernon.

* Dumbarton House ~ A wonderful example of Federal architecture. The house was built for Joseph Nourse, who served as Register of the Treasury for the first six presidents of the United States.

* Dumbarton Oaks ~ This is probably one of my favorite places in Washington ~ a true sleeper of a museum. Federal-style mansion filled with Pre-Columbian and Byzantine art, gorgeous gardens, and a world-class research library (with a garden history collection that blows me away). Need I say more? Just be sure to set aside enough time to see it all.

* Old Stone House ~ Truth be told, it has been ages since I have been inside this sweet little house. Incongruously tucked in between the many shops and boutiques of Georgetown’s busy M Street, it one of the oldest known structures remaining in Washington (more here).

Stay tuned for the third installment next week...and a few other bits!

P.S. The above photograph is a detail of one of the gates to the Capitol grounds.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

an eye on washington 1

As you can imagine, Washington is quite a beehive of activity these days. Viewing stands have been set up along Pennsylvania Avenue, the inaugural platform has been constructed, and today five gigantic flags were hung between the pillars of the Capitol Building (one of my favorite sights!). Emails are flooding in from friends who will be here for the big day, asking me to suggest things to see and do that weekend. So, I have been thinking about places to visit beyond the Mall and away from the crowds. I thought it might be fun to share with you all some of the wonderful historic houses and small museums that make "unofficial" Washington such a great place. Since the list is rather long, I am breaking it up into neighborhoods, and will share it all over the next week or so. Today ~ Dupont Circle and Kalorama:

* Anderson House ~ Set in the heart of Dupont Circle and embassy row, this magnificent Beaux Arts mansion is the headquarters of the Society of the Cincinnati. Stefan over at Architect Design recently did a great piece on the house and as you can see, it really is worth a saturday visit!

* Heurich House (The Brewmaster’s Castle) ~ The home of Christian Heurich, Washington’s famous brewmaster. I live (literally!) within a stone’s throw of this impressive mansion, and so I know it well. Don’t let its imposing exterior deter you ~ it has one of the most complete late-Victorian interiors in the country.

* The Textile Museum ~ One of my favorite Sunday afternoon haunts. Housed in two historic mansions on S Street, one of which was the former residence of the museum’s founder, George Hewitt Myers (and was designed by John Russell Pope). There is a lovely garden and a fabulous little gift shop. Afterwards, grab a cup of tea at nearby Teaism ~ or if you crave something a little stronger, try Veritas.

* Woodrow Wilson House ~ The only presidential residence within the District of Columbia. Administered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, it provides an amazingly intimate look at a truly extraordinary statesman. Combine it with a visit to the neighboring Textile Museum.

* The Phillips Collection ~ The Phillips long ago outgrew its original 1897 Georgian Revival mansion, and now extends through a complex of buildings on 21st Street. It houses a world-class collection of modern art and is one of my favorite small museums!

(note: all of these places are within walking distance of the Dupont Circle metro station)

P.S. The above image is a detail of the exterior decoration on the Heurich House.

Monday, January 12, 2009

close to home 1

One of the things I want to do this year is challenge myself to look more carefully at things close to home. Sometimes I walk down the street and see something astonishing in the everyday the way a particular slant of light reflects off of a window, or a little pop of color pushing its way in between the cracks in the sidewalk. As a couple of you may know, I carry my camera with me everywhere I go, which is a good habit. The problem is that I don't always stop to take the picture ~ maybe I am in a hurry, or maybe its cold and I just want to get home and pour myself a glass of wine ~ or worse, maybe I am just not in the mood. So my goal is to post at least one image a week in a "close to home" series. The only requirement is that it has to have been taken within a mile of home.

This week's photo was taken while running errands on Saturday afternoon. It had just started sleeting and I had forgotten my umbrella. I was scurrying home with a cup of tea in mind, when I happened to glance up and see this tangle of fuzzy seed pods resting in between some branches above a chain-link fence. And snap. Just like that. Okay, I can do this, right?!

Friday, January 9, 2009

trouvée: the gown

Stamped on the back: "Central Press Photograph / 110 Fleet Street, London." So fabulous and flirty! (click to view larger)

Some friday photo love:

* One Day in November (such a lovely tribute)
* Sparklers
* and Sepia

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! btw...I saw Mr. Obama on the way to work this morning.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

close to home

The past several days have been a bit dreary here in Washington. I am beginning to get my equilibrium back, but it is a slow process. I feel like the only views I have seen lately are the ones out of my window. But, I am working on a couple of fun posts and plan to have some things for you next week. Hint: the topic is "close to home" !!


Monday, January 5, 2009

new year's light

I am still feeling a little under the weather, so you will have to forgive the lack of inspired posts. Hopefully I can ease back into the swing of things soon.

However, there is a little piece of fun news to share. Several weeks ago I was contacted by Schmap Guides, asking permision to use a couple of my photographs from Flickr, one for the Paris guide, and the other for the Bath guide. Well, both were accepted...and you may see them here and here!

Happy monday!

Friday, January 2, 2009

trouvée: looking back

Found on eBay ~ a little birthday treat to myself. Not inscribed...but perhaps that makes it all the more intriguing!

Looking back on 2008, it was a good year ~ full of adventures and wonderful new friends. Here are a few things I am looking forward to in 2009:

* Transitional States
* a new appointment book (trying to keep it all organized!)
* a subscription to Gourmet (part of my resolution to cook more)
* a year of photography exhibitions
* some new adventures (here's a hint about the next one)
* and bringing you all along with me in this space!

Thank you all for reading...and Happy New Year!