Friday, July 9, 2010

into the garden

De Wiersse. I am almost speechless. The property, which dates back to the 13th century, has been cared for by the same family since 1678. The house is lovely and its collections beautifully curated, but it is the gardens that stunned us with their elegance and complexity. Even on a rainy day, we felt our nerves calm and our hearts lift. Our normally fast-paced walk become an involuntary saunter ~ through fields of buttercups accented by modernist topiaries, wooded glens, and idyllic vegetable, fruit and flower gardens.

I have an airplane to catch, so I will leave you with a view through the asparagus to what can only be described as the most glorious kitchen garden I have ever seen. There is more to come next week from de Weirsse (however, if you haven't the patience, you may wander through some photographs here).

Happy weekend.


Style Court said...

Janet, the degree to which you were touched by the garden really comes through in this eloquent post. And the view you chose to share through photography-- pure JCB!

Janet said...

Courtney, thank you! It was truly a magical place. . .