Wednesday, July 28, 2010

summer cookin'

As you can imagine I have been doing everything I can to avoid cooking in this heat. So I have become a little obsessed with summer soups. Fresh flavors blended together, which once prepared can be pulled out of the fridge and quickly heated (or not!). And garlic, lots of garlic (!) seems to be the common element in almost everything I make. Of course the garlic scapes are gone for the season, but they were glorious while they lasted.

Here are some summer favorites:

* a bevy of garlic recipes
* green gazpacho
* sautéed zucchini
* and peaches!

Yum. What are you cooking these days?


Anne said...

All I know is that the gazpacho we had this weekend was truly the best I have ever eaten. A triumph! xo

home before dark said...

Working in my garden in this heat, I am cooking myself!

Janet said...

Anne ~ thank you! It will be even better with tomatoes from the Richter garden!!!!

hbd ~ heck, yes, I am with you there sister. That's why I hate turning on the stove. Why add to the misery.

Semigloss Chic said...

I've been making endless amounts of corn salads that have been delicious and amazing in this heat. I got some local corn that was so fresh/ripe? (does corn get ripe?) that I could just cut it off the ear and eat it with no cooking required. Some garlic, summer vegetables and a dash of champagne vinegar and oil. Yum!

Janet said...

Abby ~ the first of the corn was just coming in as we were in Maine. We brough a bag home one night and it was pure perfection! Love your suggestion for garlic, champagne vinegar and oil. yum.