Monday, March 10, 2008

black and white

A little bit more of the Lanvin book for you, which I meant to post last week. I have so many exciting things to share...where to begin? Well, first, I had the most amazing brunch on sunday with a group of Baltimore-Washington area bloggers, hosted by the lovely Julie of Kitchenography. Many thanks to Julie and Meg for organizing ~ it was so much fun! I would say more, but Meg has already done a great job of summarizing. And second, I have been saving all sorts of gorgeous photography links for you which I will share throughout the week. Here are some monday favorites:

* Gaylen Morgan (these make me yearn for soft summer breezes)
* Nanna Büchert (the "Ironscapes" series caught my eye)

Enjoy these longer evenings!


Prêt à Voyager said...

So nice meeting you on Sunday! I'm JCB's newest fan! Well done! :)


Julie said...

I'm a little late catching up but it was so nice meeting you and I love your blog -- particularly your vintage photograph posts. The picnic ladies in the previous post are marvelous.