Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hello Spring! A glorious day ~ the sun is shining in Washington, the birds are chirping, and those little pink blossoms are quietly beginning to make an appearance. The earth is coming alive! Hurrah! And last night I made hard-boiled eggs ~ I am going to dye them all pink for Easter! Different shades of pink (partly because I only have red food coloring on hand). Of course, if I wanted to get really fancy, I would try this.

On another subject, a couple of you have wondered when I was going to get those historic house tours going again. Well, plans are in the works and you can expect one soon. In the meantime, help save The Mount! Every little bit helps.



Anonymous said...

I love your photo! I hope you will let us see the pink eggs too! cgb

xiao zhu said...

what a beautiful picture of those soon-to-be-pink eggs. please take another "after" photo when you've dyed them!