Monday, March 3, 2008

welcome march! was a gorgeous weekend in Washington. And the farmers' market was in full swing. There still isn't too much in the way of produce, but a few spring greens are beginning to make an appearance. And there were the fresh Maryland crab cakes, and the Blue Ridge Dairy feta cheese. It was enough to inspire me to cook again. I don't know about you, but I get into a rut after the holidays ~ I think partly because most of the produce is rather tasteless and unappealing. So, starting tomorrow I thought I would share a receipe a day for the next week. Something to get those creative culinary juices flowing. For today, a few links inspiring me for spring:

* Orie Ichihasi (found via ah-yi)
* this photograph by Yann Orhan
* Orla Kiely spring/summer 2008

And ~ I just got the new J. Crew catalogue and was thrilled to see the Kaufmann House featured! Wishing you all a good beginning to the week...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Spring to you! Such a tease, some of us won't see a farmer's market for another four months!